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Director & Writer

Short film, 2021, 13 minutes.


When Ashleigh, a poor young woman in rural Arizona, gets out of prison, she reconnects with her boyfriend Braxton. Lacking options thanks to her criminal record, Ashleigh concocts a plan to get them jobs at an isolated desert dollar store. As of 2021, dollar stores are the most robbed stores in America thanks to low security, female cashiers, and merchandise that preys on low-income buyers who pay in cash. When the store gets robbed, Ashleigh and Braxton pocket some cash for themselves. But it isn’t enough. Ashleigh and Braxton find themselves luring a criminal on the FBI Most Wanted List to the store. The plan goes haywire, and our heroes must face the consequences.

Written & Directed by Claire Downs & Brenden Gallagher

Produced by Tyler Miguel Mercer

Director of Photography Aymae Sulick

Edited by Will Mayo

Music by Chris Dieman

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